Product Information

HIMAYA Fire Escape Mask


According to the statistics, 85% of the fire victims are due to smoke inhalation before burns. HIMAYA Fire Escape Mask is an emergency effective breathing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protecting your eyes, nose, head from heat and smoke, allowing to breathe  purified air effectively while making your escape.


 1. Protective time: 30/40/60 minutes. It provides poison gas smoke protection, heat radiation protection, good sealing property and is suitable for all kinds of adult faces.

 2 . Provides protection against: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), toxic smoke and heat radiation.

 Please read instructions and guidelines on the Product Package.

Protect Yourself and Family !

  1. The emergency escape hood is designed for a single use application and must not be reused and it cannot be used in working.
  2. The emergency escape hood must be kept in a well-ventilated place; free of heat sources, flammables, explosives and corrosive materials nearby and must be protected with ambient temperature of 0-40℃, far away from rain and moisture.
  3. The emergency escape hood must not be used in environments where oxygen density is below 17%.
  4. The emergency escape hood is for adults, and children above the age of 4.
  5. Emergency escape hood with broken vacuum bags must not be used. Because the damaged seal and package cannot guarantee its performance. 
  6. Valid time of our product is three years, expired products cannot be used, please contact our local dealers to buy new products for replacement.

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وفقا للإحصاءات ، 85 ٪ من ضحايا حوادث الحريق بسبب إستنشاق الدخان. قناع حماية يجنبك الإختناق من الدخان السام .ويحافظ على سلامة العينين والأنف والرأس بالكامل من حرارة الحريق والدخان .

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.يوفر القناع حماية من غاز أول أكسيد الكربون، سيانيد الهيدروجين , الدخان السام والإشعاع الحراري –

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